Eco Jeans Good Enough for Celebs

…plus on-the-go sweating solutions and super-saver sites

GREEN JEANS: What do you get when you match Alanis Morisette with Woody Harrelson? No, not some naked, musical, pot-smoking fiesta. Jeans! The duo's love of Mother Earth lead to the creation of their eco-friendly denim line, Reco Jeans. The brand uses recycled denim to cut down on waste and shows off its tree-hugging ways with a back pocket design that represents the five elements of nature. Reco launched with a Dutch auction that let customers create their own price for one of 300 limited-edition box sets of the jeans. Auction results will determine future price points for the line. Let's hope they aim low for these high-quality bottoms. 

DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF: Summer in Miami goes a little something like this: It’s hot. You’re sweaty. And it’s going to be that way for a long, long time. If you can’t fly away to a cooler climate, beat the heat at its own game with portable Dermadoctor Med e tate wipes to keep you, as they put it, “blissfully dry.” Hey, it beats changing your shirt after every trip outside. $48 for 30 packets, Sephora

COUPON CLIPPER: Paying full price for stuff is the pits. Just say no to suggested retail prices. Before you bust a move over to Old Navy for already-affordable outfits, log on to for the sale of the week, coupons and other price-clipping tips. Frugal is so in fashion.

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