Weirded Out

Night of Weirds returns from the dead in Miami

There’s weirdness going on all over the place in Miami. Ninety degree October nights aside, there are plenty of odd people roaming the streets, and not just the ones with inflated boobs and oversized muscles rollerblading down Lincoln. A group of creative and interesting folks continue to produce their own semi-monthly Night of Weirds, which celebrates just that, weirdness.

These Miami musicians know how to make a statement with their original sounds, looks and personalities. You can expect to see some men singing in their underwear, maybe some men in makeup, men with big hair and men in jewelry. It’s not a sausage fest, there will be off-beat chicks there too. It's more like a gathering of true Miamians who have something to say in a manner that is funny, fun and attention-grabbing.

Though the night once was housed at Churchill’s it’s now moved to the American Legion, just north of midtown. A place that a friend called, “the new Polish American Club” (for you old-timers). It’s a personality plus locale with parking and dirt-cheap drinks. The show starts relatively early, so get there before nine to catch The Dark and Stormies, Hahahelp, Weird Aleister Crowley, Ravelstein, Ana Mendez and Federico Nessi, Electric Bunnies, Animals of the Arctic and more.

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