7/25: Sinister Pop and Angry Felines, Oh My

Ain't no party like a Poplife Dark Party

BLEU SUEDE SHOES: Mad Cat Theatre pays homage to 17th century French playwright Moliere with its modern take on his satire on social climbing, pretentious middle class and snobbish aristocracy. In Viva Bourgeois, it's 1971 and the main character looks a lot like Elvis, with a litte kung fu, prescription drugs and cheeseburgers thrown in for good measure. 8 P.M.

SPECIAL DARK: Nothing good happens before the sun goes down. Make like a vampire and head to the White Room for Poplife, which tonight will present Dark Party, the dynamic DJ duo of Eliot Lipp and Leo 123, along with a bunch of other savvy spinners. 10 P.M.

IN THE BLACK: Remember that bar that you kept meaning to go to but never got around to it? Well, it's closing. Black Sheep Bar, perhaps the only place on SoBe where one could enjoy various bass-themed musical genres, has been sold to new owners. Of course, they'll be going out with a bang, with over 30 DJs and drink specials galore - hey, they've got to get rid of all that alcohol somehow. 8 P.M.


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