What You're Doing Tonight, 7/6

Karaoke, bottled wine, and acoustic music

CHEESEBURGER AND PARADISE: If you never thought burgers and singing were a good combination, it's time for some rethinking. Whether you like it rare or medium, the entertainment you'll bring to 8 Oz. Burger Bar is sure to be well done. You may not be the next Britney (put some undies on!) or Mariah (here's to hoping), but with 'Karaoke Mondays' at the SoBe burger joint, you're sure to knock some socks off -- for better or for worse. 9:30 P.M.

BOTTLES FOR CHEAP: Although we've got nothing against our boxed wine roots, everything feels right with the world when our wine drinking becomes classier, if you will. This summer, Alta Mar Restaurant's got a great 50/50 deal going on; if you buy a bottle that's $50 or over, you'll get 50% off. Not bad, right? Dinner service starts at 5 P.M. and reservations are encouraged.

HEARTSTRINGS: Enjoy some acoustic tonight at Mamajuana Café and we're sure you'll fall in love before leaving the place. After all, who doesn't love a good local guitarist strumming away on his coveted guitar (or at your heartstrings)? The cheap drinks and talent are sure to leave you satisfied, even if you don't fall in love. 5:30 P.M.

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