What's in the “44” Envelope?

We know it's just a manila envelope in the Oval Office, but speculation is running rampant about what's inside.

It's just so very 007. With a dash of National Treasure and just a soupçon of The DaVinci Code, but without the weird Tom Hanks hair.

This photograph of the presidential desk in the Oval Office as it was left by 43rd prez George W. Bush for 44th prez Barack Obama. There's a manila envelope on the desk, and a tiny post-it with "44" written in what appears to be a regular Sharpie. Apparently President Obama arrived at his desk at 8:35AM and spent about 10 minutes alone in the office, during which time he opened the envelope. But what was IN it? (The folks over at Gizmodo fervently hope it's a MacBook Air.) A note from Bush saying "Tag, you're it!"? Instructions on how to work the air conditioning? An apology for leaving such a mess to clean up? What?

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