When Your Magic 8 Ball Isn't Close at Hand

We have a hunch you'll like this site

Walk into any gag store -- are there still gag stores? -- we hope so -- and you'll find a bevy of colorful, Magic-8-Ball-y things to help out with those tricky choices we're all faced with daily.

Now decision-making has gone online and teched-out in the form of Hunch.com. Newser alerted us to the site, which was thunk up in the brains of MIT smarties no less. The long and the short of it: Hunch seeks to help seekers land on firm and satisfying answers to a bevy of questions.

How Hunch gets to that decision tickles. During one round we were asked to select the kind of art we like from four choices (Monet was on there, but we had to -- *had to* -- go with "Dogs Playing Poker") and whether we live in the suburbs or a big city.

Of course, it all depends on the answer you're desiring. "Which director's films should I watch" will ask different questions of you then, say, "which camera should I buy," but all the queries have been pretty entertaining.

We could see spending a bit too much time seeking answers to questions we didn't even think to ask. But then Hunch probably had a hunch we'd act this way.

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