Whoopi Goldberg Gives Heidi & Spencer Pratt A Stern Warning On ‘The View'

Whoopi Goldberg took a shot at being the voice of reason for reality couple Heidi and Spencer Pratt on Monday's "The View," warning the newlyweds that if they aren't more cautious, tough times may lie ahead.

After the couple revealed they had not read their "I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!" contract prior to joining the NBC show, during an interview with "The View" ladies on Monday, Whoopi chimed in with some hard-hitting advice.

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"As much business as you guys have done, you with the hairspray and the cleaning stuff and everything that you're doing, you better get yourself together or you're gonna be in the street," Whoopi said. "You're gonna have to take responsibility. You're too old now. See, last year was cute. Now, you're adults."

In response, Spencer said they planned to read contracts in the future.

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When asked a follow-up question from Barbara Walters about their plans for the future, Heidi said they are working on things.

"We do have a lot of things that we're planning," she said. "We do have a future."

And it appears – in Heidi's future at least – one of those things is a spread for Playboy, which she reportedly completed in a "tasteful" fashion.


During her stint on "I'm A Celebrity…," Heidi compared herself to Mother Theresa, and when asked if the late nun would have posed for the men's magazine, Heidi revised her original statement.

"I'm more of a modern version," she said. "But it's a reputable magazine. Many people have done it."

Spencer too addressed religious themes on "I'm A Celebrity…" and he told "The View" ladies about why he allowed a castmate to baptize him in a Costa Rican jungle river.

"When I was around Stephen Baldwin – I had never met him – the guy glows with love energy," Spencer said. "He's what I want to be. I'm a pretty angry person sometimes, so if I could be more like that…"

In fact, Spencer said being dunked in the water by Stephen made a major change in his personality.

"Consciously, now I want to be a better person. [It's] very hard for me," he added.

But it appears trying hasn't stopped Spencer from boasting about his celebrity status. When asked how the couple's fame compared to President Barack Obama's, Spencer said they were close.

"Actually, Obama is tied with Speidi right now because he has the White House. If we lived in the White House, I would say we'd be No. 1," Spencer stated.

And he hinted their may be a political run from his family in the future.

"Pratt-Palin 2015," he said.

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