Woman's Family Outraged Over ATV Crash

Family says a woman injured by ATV crash involving Miami Beach officer is still unconscious

The family of a woman injured after an on-duty Miami Beach police officer allegedly ran into her with an all-terrain vehicle on a beach said Thursday they were outraged at the incident. 

Kitzie Nicanor, 28, from Seattle, Wash., was still unconscious on Thursday from the Sunday crash, her father, Leonard, told NBC Miami. She has a fractured femur and puncture wound to the heart, and she remains in intensive care at Jackson Memorial Hospital, he said.
Officer Derick Kuilan was driving his ATV with an unauthorized passenger aboard, police said. At around 5 a.m., the speeding ATV allegedly ran into Nicanor and Luis Almonte, 29, from North Miami, authorities said. Both were injured.
Kuilan and another officer, Rolando Gutierrez, are in the process of being fired, authorities said.
Kuilan had been at South Beach's The Clevelander Hotel, met a girl there and took her on a ride on the ATV, Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower has said.
Gutierrez was also at the hotel, but was not involved in the accident. He violated police policies, officials said.
Miami Beach Police have told NBC Miami that they were awaiting blood alcohol test results.
On Friday, police will hold a closed-door meeting at the police department regarding the case.
Meanwhile, Nicanor’s family is only thinking about her recovery.
“That’s our preoccupation right now. We don’t know if she is going to recuperate good, how she was, because she has a fractured leg. They haven’t had surgery on it yet and she is still unconscious,” he said.
Nicanor’s mother had to take a leave from work to care for her daughter’s 1-year-old child.
Kitzie Nicanor was in town for a family reunion over the Fourth of July weekend. Her brother Angel said the whole situation is shocking.
“We had a lot of plans for this week. We are all visiting from out of town. It was a big shock, still can’t believe it,’ he said.
He said he is very upset and surprised over the incident.
“The cops are supposed to be protecting us, taking care of us,’ he said.
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