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The Democratic Republic of Beer - not your grandmother's bar

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The Democratic Republic of Beer is your newest beer bar, hangout spot, and you’re only finding out right now.

You’d think giving a bar a red name like that in a city with such distain for commies would cause some controversy. Guess not. Just to be safe, call it DRB, and don’t tell your Cuban grandmother where you’re really headed.

Now that PS14 has closed its doors, 14th Street definitely needed a mid-week gathering spot for those jonesing for fancy beer this side of 395. The bar claims to have a selection of over 400 beers from around the world, an impressive collection for any connoisseur.

Someone clearly took the time to make the setting attractive. There are mirrors on the ceiling placed like separated puzzle pieces. Couches make the space comfortable but tasteful. The DRB isn’t just a divey hole in the wall. It’s a hole in the wall to be certain, but one with some class. There are munchies with worldly flavors to absorb some of those brews you’ll be pounding back. And you will want to try everything, so don’t hold back.

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