Worth the Drive: Boca Resort's Bacchanal Deal

This weekend, head north and bring your appetite

If you're still suffering from a South Beach Wine and Food Festival hangover (can't seem to shake that reoccurring nightmare starring a life-size burger), might we suggest a little foodie hair of the dog?

The Boca Resort hosts the 9th annual Boca Bacchanal Friday through Sunday, and we suggest bringing your fat pants. Guest chefs include Ortanique's Cindy Hutson, D. Rodriguez Cuba's Douglas Rodriguez, Trina Restaurant's Mark Militello and a bunch more. Of course, there will be plenty of nectar from the vine, too, throughout the weekend, which includes dinners, a live auction and fabo grand tasting at Mizner Park.

The resort's offering a sweet deal -- $1,699 for all three events plus a two-night stay -- and while you're there, here's what to do when you're not Bacchanal-ing.

Go Green: As in 18 holes. We're suckers for alliteration, and names that sound like wiley book characters, so a green jacket to the Resort Course, where famous golfer Sam Snead (aka Slammin' Sammy) was a pro in the '50s and '60s.

Howdy, Stretch: What's better than yoga then a massage? Yoga in your massage. You look better in a robe than Spandex anyway, so treat yourself to Spa Palazzo's Swe-Thai massage, which incorporates yoga stretches. Don't worry, you won't be asked to bust a Downward Dog on the table. Just some light twists and pulls to get you nice and limber. Bonus: the treatment comes with a ritual bath, which includes bubbles, jets and yummy sorbet.

Get High: As in the 27th floor. That's where Cielo is located, along with the restaurant's stellar menu, including a food coma-inducing risotto and carb-tastic polenta fries. The spot's also our favorite because of the unexpectedly stellar soundtrack - think the Strokes, New Order and any other band you might hear on an iPod commercial.

Wander Aimlessly: The Waldorf Astoria property is all kinds of historical Florida grandeur, so grab a nitecap and go exploring. Word on the street is Addison Mizner used to take to the halls in a silk robe with his pet monkey, Johnnie Brown, perched on his shoulder. Now that's a guy we'd like to take to a Bacchanal.

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