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You Can Now Buy A Candle That Smells Like Cuban Bread

Picture walking inside your home and having it smell like a loaf of fresh-baked Cuban bread. Isabel Alvarez, a candle-maker from Los Angeles, created a one-of-a-kind Cuban bread scented candle to make every home smell like the inside of a Cuban bakery. The idea of the scent stemmed from her Cuban roots.

"Cuban bread was a staple in my home growing up. I loved the doughy insides. If you found a tunneled loaf of bread around, you knew Isabel had been there," she wrote on her instagram account, @albisacandles.

The savory aroma is described to smell as "fresh Cuban bread."

“You can practically taste the crackling crust, the warm dough inside. It’s a trip," according to a Miami Herald article.

The Cuban bread candle is a part of her "Cuban collection" line that also includes a candle called "Havana nights," which smells like, "a touch of smokey tobacco, sweet leather and cedar wood" and another called, "Tinguaro," that has notes of jasmine, rose and wood. Each candle cost $28 each.

The Cuban candle is currently listed as out of stock but customers can expect a restock soon.

Customers can sign up for Alvarez's newsletter to be the first to know when they are available. Albisa Candles also sells other luxury scented candles and moisturizing body balms.

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