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Young Author Writes About Anxiety, ADHD and Asthma

The 10-year old’s book lets other kids know that it’s okay to struggle and to speak up about it

A young boy in Miami Gardens wants kids like him to speak up about their pain and anxiety. He's getting his message out through his published book, Asthma Sucks. The book is one of three books following his struggles with severe asthma, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Javan Allison, 10, verbalizes his frustrations in a way his classmates at Norwood Elementary School can relate to. In his first book, which was released in March, Javan describes the pain he endures.

“Mommy, that’s not a good feeling, I’m afraid of what can happen,” one line from his book reads.

“I like the pictures and it explains how asthma feels,” Javan explained.

The 10-year old’s book lets other kids know that it’s okay to struggle and to speak up about it.

Javan’s mother, Monique Cooper, is his co-writer. She said her son had a hard time dealing with his conditions.

“The anxiety process was effecting him in school where he wasn’t able to focus and he was afraid of everything,” Cooper recalled. She spent months asking questions and speaking with teachers, physicians and therapists to find a solution for her son.

After many sessions with a therapist, she and Javan decided to write the book to help other families.

“I want to bring it out in the Black community where they know it is okay that your child has this form of disability,” Cooper said.

Javan and his mom tackle his Three A’s through therapy sessions, breathing exercises and writing. But to the 5th grader, who is now an accomplished author, it’s the relationships with his classmates that’s most rewarding.

“We had a book reading once before with his class and they were able to say “Oh, I do this. I feel like this. Maybe I need to tell my parents,’” Cooper explained.

The 10-year old’s hard work has paid off. The Mayor of Miami Gardens declared September 29th – Javan Allison Asthma Awareness Day.

Javan hopes to release the second book of the three-part book series soon. To purchase his current book, Asthma Suck, go to javanallison.com.

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