Your Online Fix

…plus real American deals and 40 percent off fall shoes

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IN THE MIX WITH FIX: Tricia Fix, Miami’s hot designer known for her fetching floor-length dresses, has quite the celeb following. But you don’t have to be Jamie-Lynn Siegler, Jessica Simpson or Eva Longoria to scoop up her sexy styles. Just log on to her recently launched site and see what Tricia Fix has in store for fall. Then load up on cute mini dresses ($50-$60) to get you through the rest of summer. And don’t forget to sign up for her sample sale list so you can really get your fix.

MADE IN AMERICA: You know you love American Apparel, but paying $22 for a deep-V T-shirt that will just be pajamas in six months kinda blows. Thankfully, the company famous for crotch shots and tank tops is doing something to help you out this summer with its Deals Under $5, $10 and $15 sale. The highlighted items change regularly, so check back often to get your future new PJs at a portion of the price.

MAD ABOUT MADDEN: Steve Madden knows you love shoes as much as Imelda Marcos, so to get you started on your fall collection, the company is introducing its fall line with a 40-percent off sneak peek sale. Now you really can justify buying those Bonanza boots you know you’ll only wear once (when it’s 50 degrees outside that one day in December). 1006 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; 305.534.9997 

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