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Our favorite clothing closure is back for round two: here's how to rock it.

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Taylor Momsen may star on "Gossip Girl," but she's all zipped up for the paps.
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You haven't crafted jewelry out of random household finds since kindergarten (manicotti choker, aw yeah). No need to resurrect that pastime, just pick up one of these Goth-romantic necklaces fashioned out of -- you guessed it -- zippers on Etsy.
What? Your handbag only has ONE zipper? Foley + Cornina knows the more teeth the better -- think of how many places you can lose that business card with the name of that place scribbled on the back now.
You like your zippers like you like your humor. Subtle. This red coat from Modcloth should do the trick.
Zipper drama ensued this season on Project Runway, when Althea got her stylish panties in a bunch when she thought Logan copied her zipper motif dress with his zipper collar dress. Oh, snap.
Saks Fifth Avenue
You know you rocked the 'Roos back in the day. No need to forgo that spare quarter with this super-comfy zipper pocket tee by LNA. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue.
Payless ShoeSource
The office holiday party may have been downgraded to Chili's this year, but by golly you'll look good eating those sizzling fajitas. Fierce, actually, thanks to Project Runway's Christian Siriano's new Payless ShoeSource line.
Unleash your inner "bad" Sandy with a pair of zipper-adorned leggings. They say, I'm not slutty enough to wear fishnets, but I still want you to ogle my legs.
Urban Outfitters
Your studded cuff has been collecting dust since that Linkin Park concert. Update your rocker accessory wardrobe (and your musical taste) with this zipper bracelet from Urban Outfitters.
Saks Fifth Avenue/ShopBop
If you can take the incessant "open your ears" jokes, these zipper earrings by Marc by Marc Jacobs (left) and Tom Binns (right) will put your diamond studs to humdrum shame.
Think of them as skinny jeans, with a little breathing room.
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