In Osunlade's House

Dancing is a must at Electric Pickle. Yes, there's an actual dance floor at EP, something you don't see often in Miami clubs or lounges and something you will need with DJs like Osunlade who took the decks this past weekend with Djinji Brown opening.

11 photos
Feeling the vibe, Djinji Brown with the magic man, Osunlade making the music the crowd dances to. Photos by Jipsy
While the deep house tracks play upstairs in The Bolero Room, State Of performed live downstairs at Pickle. Photos by Jipsy
In a trance, she's dancing it all away to the beats. Photos by Jipsy
At ground zero. The dance floor is impossible to walk through but sways in sync to the rhythm. Photos by Jipsy
Nothing says it's a great party like a your hands up in the air and a smile. Photos by Jipsy
Omar Suardy delivering the soundtrack of the night. Deep house rhythms and drums. Photos by Jipsy
Fans of house music, locals Scott and Jill Richardson are up front and center to see the DJs spin. Photos by Jipsy
Electricity runs deep in the house of Pickle. Photos by Jipsy
Osunlade's fans packed the space and danced till closing. Photos by Jipsy
From new faces to those who've been in Miami's dance scene for many years, this is a spiritual dance party. Photos by Jipsy
Osunlade (right) feeling the beat. Photos by Jipsy
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