South Florida’s Worst Hurricanes, From 1926 to 2005

Images from some of the most destructive hurricanes to hit Miami.

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A shot of the destruction after the Great Miami Hurricane, which directly struck Miami and Miami Beach in September 1926. An estimated 373 people died in the storm, which caused roughly $105 million worth of damages. That would be over $1 billion in today's dollars.
The September 1945 Category 3 Richmond/South Dade Hurricane sends waves ashore. The storm caused four deaths and $60 million worth of damage in Miami.
Flooding caused in Miami by Hurricane Donna in September, 1960. The Category 4 storm caused 12 deaths and as much as $350 million in damage.
A woman rescues her dog from the flood waters of Hurricane Betsy in September 1965. The Category 4 hurricane killed 76 people as it made its way to Louisiana and caused over $1 billion in damages.
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The most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history until Hurricane Katrina, Category 5 Hurricane Andrew swept through South Florida in August 1992, leaving behind an estimated $25 billion in damages behind in Miami-Dade County. It killed over 60 people.
A radar image of Category 4 Hurricane Charley, which made landfall near Port Charlotte in August 2004. Charley caused 10 U.S. deaths and an estimated $6.75 billion worth of damages in Florida.
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Dark clouds hover as Hurricane Frances approaches a beach in September 2004. Frances killed nine people in South Florida and caused an estimated $60 million worth of damage.
Satellite image of Category 3 Hurricane Jeanne from September 2004. A Category 3 storm, Jeanne caused an estimated $330 million in damages.
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An Oct. 26, 2005, photo of the Colonial Bank building in Miami that was damaged by Hurricane Wilma. Wilma barreled through Florida as a Category 3 storm that caused billions of dollars of damages and left millions without power.
Infrared satellite image of Hurricane Katrina approaching South Florida. Though much of the destruction occurred outside Florida, it killed six people and caused $100 million worth of damage in South Florida.
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