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78-Year-Old Kills 21-Year-Old Wife, Sets Fire, Kills Self

Port St. Lucie man asked neighbors to remove wife's daughter from home before murder-suicide



    78-Year-Old Kills 21-Year-Old Wife, Sets Fire, Kills Self
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    A 78-year-old Port St. Lucie man killed his 21-year-old wife Saturday before setting fire to their home and fatally shooting himself, police say.

    The man, identified by friends and property records as Guenther Floerchinger, was found after police received two 911 calls shortly after 1 a.m., reports NBC affilliate WPTV.

    One of those calls was from Floerchinger himself, telling authorities what he had done.

    "A white male called 911 and said he had just killed his wife and was going to kill himself," said police spokesman Tom Nichols. "Before he turned the gun on himself, he set the house on fire."

    The other call was from a neighbor. Steve Tango told WPTV that his wife answered a phone call from Floerchinger asking her to come and pick up his stepdaughter, reported to be three or four years old.

    After doing so, he said, she called 911.

    Tango said the two families had grilled hamburgers together that evening and there was no indication anything was wrong between Floerchinger and his wife, identified by the Daily Mail as Phillipines native Carhina Floerchinger.

    "We had three couples over, with kids playing," he told WPTV. "Something went wrong between 10 o'clock and 1 o'clock."

    The pair reportedly met online and Carhina Floerchinger moved to the U.S. to marry, the paper said.

    First responders arriving to the home found the front door ajar, with Guenther Floerchinger's partially burned body behind it. His wife's body was found in a back bedroom, and Nichols confirmed a revolver was found on scene.