Surfside condo collapse

8 of the 9 Dead in Surfside Collapse Identified

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Miami-Dade police have identified the names of four more people who died during the tragic partial building collapse in Surfside.

The four additional identities were released and the victims identified so far are:

Stacie Dawn Fang, 54 years old, Apartment #1002, Recovered 6/24/2021

Antonio Lozano, 83 years old, Apartment #903, Recovered 6/24/2021

Gladys Lozano, 79 years old, Apartment #903, Recovered 6/25/2021

Manuel LaFont, 54 years old, Apartment #801, Recovered 6/25/2021

Leon Oliwkowicz, 80 years old, Recovered 6/26/2021

Luis Bermudez, 26 years old, Recovered 6/26/2021

Ana Ortiz, 46 years old, Recovered 6/26/2021

Christina Beatriz Elvira, 74 years old, Recovered 6/27/2021

Sergio Lozano, the son of Gladys and Antonio Lozano, said officials took his DNA, as they did with many of the relatives of those unaccounted for, and later told him they had recovered his parent's bodies.

Lozano said that his parent were scared to die without each other.

Stacie Dawn Fang, 54, was the first victim of the Surfside condominium collapse that was identified. She was the mother of the teen boy who was rescued from the rubble of the building.

Fang passed away shortly after arriving at Aventura Hospital Thursday, records from the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner showed. She will be buried Sunday in New Jersey.

Manuel LaFont

Ana Ortiz(left), Luis Bermudez(center), Frankie Kleiman(right, still unaccounted for)

A list of some of the 152 people still unaccounted is here.

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