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Dolphins Don't Want to Suck for Luck

Sparano, Dansby dismiss the idea that Dolfans should root for losses and a better draft position



    Dolphins Don't Want to Suck for Luck
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    Andrew Luck

    "Suck for Luck" may be gaining traction with Miami Dolphins fans, but players and coaches that are actually on the team think the idea that fans should root for their favorite team to lose is a load of bunk.

    "It's not right, bro. It's not right," LB Karlos Dansby said Wednesday when asked what he thought about Dolfans hoping the team loses enough games to secure the top pick in April's NFL Draft. The Suck for Luck contingent dreams of the Dolphins selecting Stanford QB Andrew Luck with the first pick in next year's draft.

    "We put too much into this, man, to have the fans say that –  period, point blank — or even promote that campaign. It's kind of sad."

    Dansby said fans on the Suck for Luck bandwagon are "not real Dolphins fans," adding that the Suck for Luck movement "pisses me off."

    If he thinks that is infuriating, he should consider how mad Dolphins fans are that the team signed him to a $43 million contract in 2010 to anchor a defense in the bottom 10 of the NFL.

    His sentiments were echoed, albeit somewhat more tactfully, by coach Tony Sparano. "What bothers me about it most is we have a lot of players in that locker room... that walk into this building every day with one agenda and that agenda is to win," he said.

    Dansby and Sparano join Dan Marino and Luck himself in the chorus of those decrying the rising wave of Suck for Luck chants.

    But these players, former player and coach are too far removed from the fans to even understand their motivation for hoping the Dolphins continue to lose.

    A sizable portion of Dolphins fans are hoping their team continues to lose not because they aren't "true fans," but because they can no longer stand watching their favorite team crush their spirit.

    If the Dolphins are mad that their fans are actively rooting for their failure, they only have themselves to blame.