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Dwyane Wade Merging Fashion and Charity With New Designer Watch

Heat star unveils watch which benefits his Wade's World Foundation



    Heat star Dwyane Wade sits down with NBC Miami to talk about his new watch and the NBA lockout. (Published Friday, Nov. 11, 2011)

    Heat star Dwyane Wade refuses to be idle during his time off the court as the NBA lockout continues, lending his name to products, making celebrity appearances and combining the two to benefit a good cause.

    Wade was at the Hublot watch store in Bal Harbour Thursday night to unveil his newest venture, a watch that bears his jersey number, 3, and isn't necessarily just for men.

    "I would love for it to be a versatile thing, I would love for...the first woman I see in this watch I am going to go crazy," Wade said. "You look at it to be a guy thing, but we're in a time now where everybody switches and does the things they want to do, and women are rocking more big face watches now."

    The watch that bears the Heat's flashy hues is called the "King Power Dwyane Wade Watch," and is part of a global brand that can be dressed up or dressed down.

    But is it sexy?

    "Very sexy, it's on my wrist," Wade said with a grin.

    Wade said he loves the glitzy events off the court, but is frustrated by the lockout that's keeping him off it.

    "I am anxious. Everyday they say we get close, and you get anxious, then they say 'it blew up,'" Wade said. "Obviously I want to be on the basketball court just as much as everybody wants us to be on the court and hopefully we can get there soon."

    Part of the proceeds from the sale of Wade's watches will go to his charity, the Wade's World Foundation.

    "My mother's always told me life is bigger than basketball, so I always had that mentality," he said. "Obviously given an opportunity, to much is given, much is required, I started my foundation and everything I do I make sure has a foundation aspect to it."