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Florida Had Most Shark Attacks Worldwide in 2013: Report



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    Florida led the world in shark attacks last year, though none of them were fatal.

    The University of Florida's International Shark Attack File released a report Monday that said there were 23 unprovoked shark attacks in Florida last year, most in the United States and more than any other country.

    Worldwide there were 72 unprovoked shark attacks, including 10 fatalities. The United States had 47 attacks. Hawaii had 13, South Carolina had six and Alabama, California, North Carolina, Oregon and Texas had one each.

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    High school football player receives 30 stitches after being bitten on the shoulder. "A wave hit me from behind and then the shark I guess hit me in my neck and I fell back in to the water," Floyd said. Claire Metz reports.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013)

    A shark attack in Hawaii was the nation's only fatality. Australia and Réunion each had two shark attack deaths while Brazil, Diego Garcia, Jamaica, New Zealand and South Africa had one each.

    Florida's Volusia County led the state with eight attacks.