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Hollywood Man Claims Self Defense In Deaths of Wife, Stepson

Former boxer squares off with prosecutor at Stand Your Ground hearing



    William Medei says he killed his wife and stepson in self defense after they tried to stab him in 2009. Medei squared off with prosecutor Tom Coleman during a tense hearing. (Published Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012)

    A former professional boxer accused of killing his wife and stepson in their Hollywood home went toe-to-toe with a prosecutor when he took the stand during an emotional hearing Wednesday.

    William Medei is charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the March 2009 stabbing deaths of wife Renee Bader and her 13-year-old son, Joshua.

    Medei, 56, claims he killed them in self defense, saying they attacked him with a knife as he slept inside the family's trailer. He took the stand Wednesday during a hearing to get the charges dismissed under Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

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    "They weren't stabs, they were slashes, I was just striking out," Medei said. "When I got the knife, I just lost my mind, whoever it was, I just killed 'em, I just started chopping.

    "It was panic, fear and pain and rage."

    Prosecutor Tom Coleman showed Medei gruesome photos of the 81 stab wounds he inflicted on his victims, saying the killings were rage, not self-defense.

    "Mr. Medei, you're aware that the injury to Renee's chest that we're looking at here, that that injury went through her chest, out the back of her chest, through the mattress and embedded itself into the bed," Coleman said.

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    "It did not, it did not, because it did not and you're a liar!" Medei shouted back.

    Medei's mother and brother were in court for Wednesday's hearing, and said they're bewildered and heartbroken.

    "It's almost unbearable," brother Ken Medei said. "I'm just in disbelief about the entire thing."
    Medei testified that the multiple stab wounds showed he was acting in self-defense.

    "If I tried to kill them, it would've been two swift moves and it would've been over," he said.

    "So the slashes to the face, was she trying to bite you? Was there something that you're protecting yourself from her face? Mr. Medei?" Coleman asked.

    "I hear you," Medei said.

    "Do you have an answer?" Coleman said. 

    "No," Medei replied.

    Medei is being held without bond.

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