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Man Arrested for Lewd Behavior With Young Girl in Hollywood Kmart

Police say man had over 80 videos of encounters with young girls in South Florida stores



    Man Arrested for Lewd Behavior With Young Girl in Hollywood Kmart
    Broward Sheriff's Office
    Jonathan Davis

    A Fort Lauderdale man is facing charges after police say he masturbated in front of a young girl inside a Hollywood Kmart.
    Jonathan Lee Davis, 40, was arrested last month on a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior, according to a Hollywood Police arrest report released Wednesday.

    He was later released on $15,000 bond. It was unknown whether he has an attorney.

    According to the report, Davis approached the 8-year-old girl on March 24 inside the store at the Oakwood Shopping Plaza at 3800 Oakwood Boulevard and used his cell phone to record the encounter.

    In the video, Davis engages in conversation with the girl, telling her his private parts are "itchy" as he starts rubbing them, according to the report.

    The girl continues talking to Davis, telling him to cover it or go to the bathroom and put water on it, the report says.

    According to the report, the video shows the encounter take place between clothing racks in the store while the girl's guardian shops nearby.

    The girl is called away by the guardian but the video shows Davis attempt to relocate her, the report said. When he finds her, Davis again starts talking about his private parts, the report said.

    The video ends when the frustrated child tells Davis "Oh, just put it away already, I don't want to see it," and hides her face in a Dr. Seuss hat, the report said.

    According to the report, police weren't on to Davis until the next day, March 25, when he was detained by officers in a Burlington Coat Factory in Hialeah in regards to a "suspicious person stalking children in the store."

    In that incident, Davis has been seen by store security and captured on surveillance tape following three young girls through the store, the report said.

    Davis was videotaping the girls, between the ages on 5 and 8, on his cellphone, according to the report.

    "Davis stated to officers that he knew it looked 'weird' when he was videotaping the children inside the store, but he had a 'problem,'" the report said.

    Police confiscated Davis' cellphone but he was released, according to the report.

    Later that day, Davis emailed a Hialeah officer, apologizing for his actions and admitting he "had a 'problem' and would 'take care of it,'" the report said.

    When police examined Davis' phone, it contained over 80 videos of Davis engaging with young female children, all under age 12, in various stores, the report said.

    One of the videos showed the Kmart encounter, and police were able to identify and find the victim from it, the report said.

    The young girl told police Davis had his hand inside his pants during the encounter and was moving it back and forth, the report said.

    Hialeah Police spokesman Det. Carl Zogby said there is an ongoing investigation with multiple law enforcement jurisdictions involved, including the Secret Service and a Federal Task Force which specializes in online crimes.