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South Florida Men Who Filmed Rapes Sentenced to Life in Prison

Former cop and accomplice sentenced in filming rapes for sale case



    South Florida Men Who Filmed Rapes Sentenced to Life in Prison
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    The two South Florida men found guilty of drugging and raping women and then videotaping the acts were sentenced to life sentences on Thursday.

    Lavont Flanders, Jr., 40 and Emerson Callum, 45, were told their fate in a Miami federal court by Judge K. Michael Moore.

    The sentences were increased from 27 months because the crime was "unusually...degrading to the victims" and involved the "prolonging of humiliation," according to a sentencing memorandum.

    "I categorically and emphatically reject any suggestion that these women were in any way responsible for what happened to them," Moore said, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

    Police say the men posed as model scouts and contacted the victims to fly to Miami for auditions.

    At the auditions, the girls were drugged and raped and the sexual acts were recorded, according to attorney Jeffrey Herman. Authorities said Callum would engage in the acts while Flanders, Jr. filmed them.

    Flanders, Jr., a former Miami Beach police officer, and Callum were arrested in August by federal authorities on 22 counts of human trafficking, according to an indictment.

    Seven women testified in the case but 40 reported the crime to police.

    "I am not afraid of you, either of you," the newspaper quoted one of the victims as saying on Thursday. "I am here because I want to look both of you in your pitiful eyes."

    Prosecutors said Flanders, Jr. and Callum performed a lasting crime because the degradation of the women can still be accessed online..

    "These video-recordings depict the most horrifying and the most shameful experiences of the victims' lives," the memorandum said.

    It may not be possible to remove the online videos from foreign websites, according to prosecutors.

    The two men plan to file appeals.