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Streets in Miami Beach Flooded

Streets and sidewalks in Miami Beach were flooded this weekend.



    Streets in Miami Beach Flooded

    The constant rain turned North Bay Road into a canal Saturday night, but some kids made the best of it.

    "It's really fun, I mean I've never been able to use this kayak before," said Mitch Rogoff. "Now that it's so flooded I can kayak down the thing."

    City officials were busy pumping water out of North Bay at 52 St. for much of the day. The National Weather Service had extended the flood advisory in poor drainage areas in Northeastern Miami-Dade County and Southeast Florida until 12:30 p.m.

    "This is particularly bad," said Miami Beach resident Elisheva Rogoff. "Pretty much anytime we have a bad rainstorm it floods a bit, but if you go slowly in your car you can get through it. But this is really bad."

    There was no escaping the water over on Collins Avenue at 17 St on South Beach. Street corners were flooded and entire sidewalks were covered.

    Miami Beach Commissioner Ed Tobin lives on North Bay Road in the area of 52 St. He says a busted pipe is to blame. It's an old problem that he says the city began addressing about two years ago.

    "They're going to have a comprehensive plan to check the outfalls," said Tobin. "This outfall is collapsed -- one of the primary reasons you have all this water on 51 and 52, because we have a collapsed outfall which I understand we're in the process of repairing."