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After Irma

After Irma

Complete coverage of Hurricane Irma, a monster storm that struck Florida

Restaurant Owner Worries Hurricane's Track Could Impact Him in Two Ways



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    Miami's Conch Heaven Restaurant is boarded up ahead of Hurricane Irma.

    Richie Evans doesn’t know when he’ll be able to reopen his Miami restaurant, Conch Heaven.

    “We don’t know how long it’ll be closed,” he said. “We don’t know the effect of the storm. We don’t know how long power will be out.”

    His restaurant at NW 27 and NW 113 Ave. gives customers a taste of the Bahamas. Evans was born and raised there and it’s where he learned how devastating hurricanes can be.

    “I’ve seen firsthand the kind of damage one can do,” he said.

    Bahamian Business Owner Concerned

    [MI] Bahamian Business Owner Concerned

    Concerns grows for the owner of a popular Bahamian restaurant in Miami as Hurricane Irma continues its thrashing of the Caribbean.

    (Published Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017)

    It’s why Evans is closely watching Hurricane Irma. He’s concerned not only about his local restaurant but also about what the storm could do if the path takes it over the Bahamas.

    “Most of my customers are from the Bahamas,” he said.

    Photos from the Bahamas show similar preparations as can be seen across South Florida with windows boarded up to protect homes and properties.