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Watch Pat Riley Sing 'My Girl' at Karaoke Fundraiser

Heat boss probably shouldn't quit his day job



    Watch Pat Riley Sing 'My Girl' at Karaoke Fundraiser
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    Miami Heat forward Shane Battier hosted a celebrity karaoke fundraiser Tuesday night to benefit his Take Charge Foundation. Video has surfaced of Battier's boss and Heat president Pat Riley singing an... interesting version of the Temptations' hit "My Girl."

    Heat blog Hot Hot Hoops posted the video on Wednesday, which you can watch below (the signing starts at the 2:40 mark). Riles gets off to a bit of a rough start, coming in too early then too late. Eventually, though, his timing improves, though we can't say the same for his pitch.

    Riley did get a chance to throw in some dance moves after the first chorus, with the help of Heat broadcaster Jason Jackson (also the night's host). As karaoke performances go, we've seen worse, which is about the best thing we can say for the non-dancing part of Riley's act.

    Suffice it to say, Riley may not have been the highlight of the evening. According to Deadspin, LeBron James donned a Rick James wig to sing Super Freak, but unfortunately no one has posted any video of that performance.

    Clearly, LeBron's entourage is better at policing the crowd for surreptitious videographers than Riley's.