Woman Bitten by Snake on Naples Golf Course

Water moccasins like the one shown here are known for their painful and potentially fatal bites. NBC 6 South Florida

A spectator at the Franklin Templeton Shootout golf tournament is recovering from a snake bite on her leg, authorities say. The woman was walking along a path near the grandstand at the Tiburon Golf Club on Saturday, North Naples Fire Capt. Chuck Bacon said.

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He told the Naples Daily News an examination revealed the bite was "dry," meaning no venom was injected. Bacon says the woman felt something hit her leg. When she looked down, she was a snake "sitting there coiled."

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Officials believe the snake was a water moccasin. It was about 2.5-feet long. After biting the woman, the snake slithered into some nearby water. The woman had puncture wounds to her left calf. She was taken to a hospital for treatment.