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Woman Tweets Her Way Through Bank Robbery

Shocked at holdup...and missing trackball



    Woman Tweets Her Way Through Bank Robbery
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    Live Tweet of a bank robbery gets profiled on Gothamist.

    Interweb readers got a front row seat to a bank robbery, all thanks to Twitter.

    Annemarie Dooling, also known as "Traveling Anna," a producer for a talk show website, tweeted her way through the aftermath of a bank robbery, reports CNBC.

    "Traveling Anna" who identifies herself on her Twitter page as a "Jet setting, Manhattan drinking, design obsessed sicko," was at the HSBC on 34th Street and 8th Avenue when the hold up took place at 9:00 AM this morning.

    "My bank was just held up-with me in it," came her first message.

    Almost as startling to her as the bank robbery was her missing trackball on her phone which she said, disabling her ability to make calls.

    "My whole trackball is GONE!!!" she Tweeted.

    Over the next hour, Dooling tweets the latest developments of the robbery.

    "They won't let us leave the bank," tweets Dooling. "No I didn't hit the floor, I didn't even notice he was two people in front of me. I suck"

    Her tweets over the next hour bounce between updates of the robbery to complaining about her missing trackball, slamming T-Mobil for the quality of their phone. 

    "Thanks T-Mobil for providing me with my sh****y phone while I'm stuck in a bank hold up." she tweets, reminding her readers, "That's sarcasm," so as not to misunderstand her updates.  

    She eventually Tweets that the police arrived and everyone is fine. She praises the bank teller for keeping cool under presser.

    Soon she begins to realize her tweets have gone viral. Gothamist has published her comments for their readers pleasure. Dooling doesn't take kindly to at least one comment who told her to fall down a man-hole.

    "Geez, get a life buddy."

    Her twitter feed has now been locked.