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Super Bride Saves Day



    Super Bride Saves Day
    She's super bride! A Bridgeport woman storms into a burning house in her wedding gown to help rescue a family.

    Georgette Clemons' wedding went off without a hitch, but she will never forget what happened hours later.

    Around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, the Bridgeport bride had just left her wedding reception when she spotted smoke coming from a home on West McKinley Avenue.

    Clemons suddenly yelled to her friend who was driving, "Stop the car, stop the car," the Connecticut Post reports.

    "There was smoke coming from this house and as soon as I stopped the car, Georgette got out in her wedding dress and ran toward the front door," Hanifah Bost told the Post. "I don't know what she was thinking. She had just got married."

     Clemons told The Associated Press she got out of the car she was riding in and ran to the home, where she pounded on the door to warn the occupants.

    As firefighters arrived and battled the blaze after members of the Eitelberg family were rescued, Clemons was nearby, folding her blackened wedding dress.

    Clemons says she messed up her shoes, but says that's no big deal because the people inside the burning home are safe.