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Celebrity Pet Cemetery Struggles to Survive

Humane Society hopes for volunteers to maintain Aspin Hill



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    Help cut the grass at the pet cemetery or Petey will haunt Montgomery County forever!

    Famed pet cemetery Aspin Hill Memorial Park's future is in jeopardy.

    The recession has taken a big toll on the upkeep of the Maryland facility, which is run by the Montgomery County Humane Society, the Gazette reported.

    Donations to the Humane Society are down 15% this year, so organizers hope people will be willing to volunteer to help mow lawns and help maintain the property.

    "We could make it a beautiful, peaceful place in honor of the animals of Montgomery County," Humane Society worker Jo Ann Hoffman told News4 on Wednesday night.

    The Humane Society is also looking for donations to help restore a 1930's-era house on the property. A covenant protects the land from being developed, but the house hasbeen condemned and will be demolished if the Humane Society doesn't fix the structure within a year.

    Thousands of pets are buried at the cemetery, including -- allegedly -- the pooch that played "Petey" on "The Little Rascals." Aspin Hill is also the final resting place of J. Edgar Hoover's dog Spee-de-Bozo.

    Alexandria police K-9 vets are buried at Aspin Hill, as is Rags, the mascot of the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division, who carried a note past enemy lines to Allied forces during World War I, the Gazette reported.

    The cemetery even holds the remains of people who were buried with their animals.

    The Fur Coat Memorial -- established when People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals operated the property before decamping to Virginia in the mid-1990s -- and the Medical Rats Memorial, call Aspin Hill home.