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Counter Intelligence: Barbie Gets Inked Up



    Counter Intelligence: Barbie Gets Inked Up
    Barbie has hit her midlife crisis.

     See why Barbie is now rocking tats and check out our list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over IM or wherever it is that people actually talk these days.

    • Barbie has hit her midlife crisis. The iconic doll is getting inked up and now comes with 40 tattoo stickers and includes temporary tats for her pint-sized owners. The "Totally Stylin'" Barbie and her brunette counterpart Nikki got their makeovers to celebrate the doll's 50th birthday.
    • NASA decided to scrap its plans to build a permanent base on the moon. The space agency has instead decided to focus on sending astronauts to Mars or asteroids near Earth rather than shooting for the moon by 2020, as originally planned.
    • The Sky Mall catalog has long since catered to the more eclectic taste of fliers everywhere -- offering items such as hefty lawn sculptures and bug vacuums. But some elements of the bizarre glossy mag are evergreen. The recession has shifted customers' purchases to more useful items: The No.1 selling item these days is a $359 oversize square of polyvinyl floor garage floor covering.
    • A couple was arrested after they were caught having sex on the Queen's lawn outside Windsor Castle. The duo drew crowds of camera-toting tourists - -some of whom filmed the couple for up to 20 minutes -- when they stripped down and got busy on a private grass bank near where Her Majesty was staying.
    • Justin Timberlake has created his own brand of tequila. The "901" tequila runs $40 and is described as rich and full-bodied and -- surprisingly -- not bad. The liquor is created from 100 percent blue agava from Mexico and is named after the area code in the pop singer's hometown of Memphis.