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Dear Bernie: Getting a Message to Madoff



    Dear Bernie: Getting a Message to Madoff
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    There are now easier ways to let Bernie know how you feel about him. He is, after all, a captive audience.

    Those looking to vent their anger about Wall Street greed, take heart.  There is now a decent outlet. is collecting material from the public that it will mail to Bernie Madoff in jail in the form of a "Care Package" every six months. The site errs more on the side of humor than righteous indignation but fear not -- there will be plenty of the latter.

    A selection of materials -- notes along with art and other images -- that appear on the site and will be shown at a gallery in New York later this year.

    Some users have published haikus, entries from their Twitter pages and unflattering doctored photos that include Madoff's head imposed on others' bodies. One submission from "Patrick J." is an image of a clock with rotating numbers ticking down the number of days Madoff has in jail.

    "Only... 54,735 days to go," it reads. 

    A precursory look at the submissions turns up the expected "don't drop the soap" references and rampant vitriol, but there are some surprisingly measured tones, such as this message which came via Twitter: "I suppose hating on a villain with a face is more cathartic than a villainous system."

    And, yes, he cost people and institutions many millions of dollars, but he's got nothing to do with the economic collapse in any direct way. But then again, he does make a nice symbol, and as an emblem, well, he had really good timing. So, mail away. The guy's certainly got the time to read.