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Jindal Should Beat Kenneth the Page to the Punchline



    Jindal Should Beat Kenneth the Page to the Punchline
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    Kenneth the Page is Bobby Jindal. Do you see the resemblance?

    Paging Bobby Jindal. Paging Bobby Jindal: Report to Saturday Night Live immediately.

    "Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page" is a line that could dog the Louisiana Governor, and potential Republican presidential candidate, for years. His widely panned performance delivering the GOP response to President Obama's speech Tuesday night was just that devastating -- and that unintentionally hysterical.

    So he should get on SNL and tackle the doppleganger head on.

    Jindal's problem began as soon as he began his Republican rejoinder to Obama’s speech to joint chambers of congress. The governor walked awkwardly into the frame and began speaking in a nasally voice reminiscent of “30 Rock’s” comic foil--- Jindal’s rhetoric even mirrored that of the Pollyannaish Kenneth. But it didn’t end there.
    Jack McBrayer, the actor who plays Kenneth, recorded his own video response for “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon, analyzing the resemblance.
    The comic comparison has received so much traction that a Facebook group, aptly named Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page is closing in on 15,000 members. The group’s stated goal is to rival the 30,000 supporters who have pledged allegiance to Jindal on his own Web page.
    The phenomenon has been chronicled by The Washington Post, The Huffington Post (a few times), The Keith Olbermann show and 538.com among others, and has the feel of lasting meme.
    The Facebook group reports that there is already a behind-the-scenes push to have Kenneth appear on SNL as Jindal, ala Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.
    So Jindal should follow in the footsteps of Palin, a fellow 2012 GOP presidential hopeful, and go on SNL and get in on the joke so folks will be laughing with him -- not at him.