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Obama Gets Daily Prayers via BlackBerry

Obama gets his daily devotional in a Tech-savvy way



    Obama Gets Daily Prayers via BlackBerry
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    Ever wonder what kinds of e-mails President Barack Obama's always checking on his blackberry? Well, it may just be his daily prayer.

    WASHINGTONPresident Barack Obama says he gets a prayer every morning on his BlackBerry.

    Obama told reporters from religious news organizations on Thursday that White House faith director Joshua DuBois sends him a morning devotional every day to his e-mail device. He says it's a "wonderful practice" that started during the campaign.

    Tech-savvy Obama is the first president to use e-mail while in office and is seldom seen without his BlackBerry. Only a handful of aides and personal friends have the e-mail address for the handheld device.

    Aides tried to take away Obama's BlackBerry after he won the White House, noting that the e-mails are someday going to be made public. Obama resisted and instead got a security upgrade.