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Oprah Makes Room for First Lady

Shares "O" Magazine cover with Michelle Obama



    The Path to a Healthier America
    Oprah is making room on her magazine cover for the first time in nine years.

    Can you say "O?"

    Oprah Winfrey is -- for the first time -- sharing the cover of her magazine with someone other than herself.

    It's the first lady Michelle Obama., and Winfrey showed off the cover of the April issue of "O" magazine during "The Oprah Winfrey Show" broadcast Friday.

    The media mogul shared the cover of her magazine with her slimmer self a couple months back, but otherwise it's been all Oprah all the time on "O's" cover for nine years.

    In the upcoming issue -- which will hit the newsstands March 17 -- Oprah interviews Obama about topics ranging from her decorating philosophy to pie to how she hopes she can help other women.

    In the interview, the first lady talks about her first weekend in the White House and how the Obama family sees it as their responsibility to make the White House what she calls the "people's house."




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