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Scoop Alert: Patti Making Prime Time Splash

Former Illinois first lady appears on reality show Monday



    Scoop Alert: Patti Making Prime Time Splash
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    Step aside, Blago, it's Patti's turn to take the spotlight.

    Scoop alert. Patti Blagojevich is having a tough time in the jungle.

    The keep-to-herself former first lady of Illinois will make a splash -- and we mean this literallly -- when she appears on NBC's "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here."

    While most of the show will be live, we've obtained video of Patti taking an unscripted slip into the river. Producers say she was swept downstream in a fast-moving current before her cast-mates rescued her.

    We're not sure which celebrity reality stars came to her aid but our money's on Stephen Baldwin and Sanjaya Malakar.

    Patti's the one who predicted it would be exciting during the press rounds last week when she said "it's certainly going to be interesting."

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    We couldn't agree more. Especially since her husband, indicted former Gov. Rod Blagojevich will be sitting and watching from home with his daughters. 

    Blagojevich was originally cast for the reality show but a federal judge barred him from traveling out the country because of pending corruption charges that he tried to sell President Barack Obama's senate seat to the highest bidder.

    The dramatically more camera-savvy former governor spent most of the winter doing over-the-top appearances on every network that would allow him to declare his innocence of the charges against him.

    Blagojevich and his attorney argued the reason he wanted to go was to have income for his family though one could argue he might have gone to the jungle for the air time. You may recall he joined the cast in Los Angeles for the annoucement knowing he would not be joining them in Costa Rica. Patti, however, seems to want to pay the bills.

     "In this terrible economic time, I think it's necessary to work and support my family," the mother of two girls said. "We have to earn a living."

    "She's willing to go into the jungle for her kids," Rod told the Today show earlier this month and hinting he would not be camera shy about getting on the show. "There may be some surprises."

    We can hardly wait.