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D-Wade Wants to Get Stuck on You

With a "fashion body strip," of course



    D-Wade Wants to Get Stuck on You
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    Uniform, leisure wear: these Band-Wades go with everything! Act now.

    While recovering from a cut to his face, Dwyane Wade took a liking to the adhesive bandages he wore under his left eye.  

    It wasn't long before he was rocking them on and off the court as little, rectangular expressions of personal style, complete with his name, nickname "Flash," and even the American flag.

    The NBA, distracted from real issues like drunk driving, gambling refs, and David Stern's weird helmet hair, recoiled in horror at such a sinful and sometime patriotic display of individualism. 

    The sticky strips were deemed "unauthorized fashionable bandages" and banned forever in February.

    “A player can wear a Band-Aid for healthcare purposes," said league spokesperson Tim Frank. "But it shouldn’t have any name or identifications on it.  You can’t wear an identifiable Band-Aid.”

    Oh, yes we can!  Not even Stern himself can squash the famous Band-Wades, terror though they may be -- and now fans and rogue NBA employees alike can purchase the contraband and sport it around town in the name of charity.

    Wadeband.com, the "Official Store of Wade Bands," is offering the so-called fashion body strips in packs of 12 ($19.95) or 24 ($24.95). There's even an option to create a customized pack of 20 bands, with a choice of up to 10 characters and a convenient tin case, for $27.95.

    The proceeds will benefit The Wade's World Foundation, which provides support to community-based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for children in at-risk situations. 

    Will Wade's bands be the new yellow rubber bracelet?  Maybe, until someone wearing one to an away game gets punched in the Band-Wade.  But hey, at least it will already be there to stop the bleeding.

    Janie Campbell dares you to say "Dwyane Wade sells banned Band-Wades for aid" five times fast.  Her work has appeared in irreverent sports sites around the Internet.