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Travelers Shipping Baggage to Avoid Fees

Luggage Forward just one of many companies that will ship your luggage



    Travelers Shipping Baggage to Avoid Fees
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    Miguel Bryon takes his jewelry business on the road a lot. Like thousands, he is fed up with Spirit Airlines' new carry-on baggage fee.

    "I wouldn't want to pay for a carry on bag," said Miguel Byron. "I fly for business and the reason why I take a carry on is so that I can just get in and out.

    Spirit now charges $45 to load a carry-on bag if you tell the agent at the boarding gate and $30 if you set it up in advance.

    Consumer experts tell us other airlines aren't charging for carryons yet, but do say with airlines trying to find anywhere to make money, it's probably only a matter of time.

    Byron thinks he's got a solution: He started shipping his bikes and other luggage through a company that operates nationwide called Luggage Forward.

    "They are very efficient," Byron said. "They deliever it to the address I give them and on the day I tell them. It is much easier than the airport."

    Luaggage Forward is just one company that's growing rapidly as travellers try to find a way around the airline baggage fees.

    They charge $49 door to door to send your bag if you ship in advance -- the prices do go up for same-day travel.