Ex-Employee to Google: So Long, Suckers!

As the country's pink slip epidemic continues, why not go out with a bang?

Former Google sales specialist Jason Shugars is one of many workers who have opted to send farewell missives to co-workers, often in the form of abrasive company-wide e-mails, the LA Times reported.

Shugars sent a farewell e-mail to 5,000 co-workers with the classy subject line: "So long, suckers! I'm out!"

"I didn't want to send out a stale, 'Good working with you, please reach me here' e-mail," he told the paper. "Who wants that?"

Shugars' e-mail is one of many that recently have been making rounds through cyberspace, some lighthearted and humorous, some sad and others downright furious.

Workers have utilized the "new art" of the farewell e-mail to reminisce, express regret and in a few rare cases, blast the boss, the paper reported.

Shugars recounted memorable moments in his letter, including stealing a boss' $8,000 couch and putting cake down his pants at a sales conference.

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