Google is Watching You, Hooking Up Advertisers

Google is tracking user behavior for advertiser's benefit

Google is adding another feature to its battery of high-tech tools - but this time, Madison Avenue is the real winner.

The enormous search engine will now track your online travels and compile a collection of "interests" based on the sites you visit which will in turn give advertisers the ability to bombard you with ads relating to your behavior, reports.

In simple terms, Google is watching you and hooking advertisers up with your online surfing habits so those companies can send their ads to your computer.

"For example, if you start your day on the Major League Baseball homepage everyday, Google will know that you're more likely to respond to ads for baseball paraphernalia," Wired reports.

Another feature of this Internet-Based Advertising, or "behavior targeting", allows vendors to constantly remind you of the things you really want - but can't have. If you ever put an item in your shopping cart, but never hit the purchase button, Google will allow advertisers to place ads for that item in your browser.

While the technology is already in use by AOL and Yahoo, Google is adding a unique element by allowing users to "opt-out" through a fairly tedious process.

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