Amazon Just Introduced a Bizarre Metaverse-Like Game to Train People How to Use AWS

  • Amazon on Tuesday launched "AWS Cloud Quest," an online role-playing game that aims to help people build cloud-computing skills.
  • Users navigate a virtual city, helping its denizens solve IT issues related to the cloud while earning points for completing simulations and puzzles.

Amazon on Tuesday launched an online role-playing game designed to make it easier for people to pick up cloud-computing skills.

The game, AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner, has users create their own avatar who moves through a virtual city, helping its denizens solve technology-related cloud issues. Users earn points for completing Amazon Web Services simulations and puzzles that will unlock such things as new character styles, pet companions, city themes and virtual items like a hoverboard and a unicorn pool float.

Users earn points for completing Amazon Web Services simulations and puzzles, which can they use to unlock new character styles, "pet companions," city themes and vehicles.

"As a cloud practitioner, you'll venture on a journey to help the citizens in town transform their city by using cloud solutions," AWS said in a YouTube video announcing the game.

In one scenario shown in the video, a cartoon man in a hardhat approaches a user and says, "The server running my weather app keeps failing! Can you help me, please?"

Amazon said Cloud Quest was launched to help explain "core AWS services and categories," including computing, storage, database and security services, as well as to guide the building of basic cloud solutions.

In addition to the quirky online game, Amazon has launched other cloud-training services. AWS offers a range of certifications to help employees advance their careers and cloud expertise.

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