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Infrastructure Week Arrives Along With International Travelers — Four Experts on What It Means for Stocks

Eduardo Munoz | Reuters

Following the House's passing of a landmark infrastructure bill and the reopening of U.S. borders to vaccinated foreign travelers, four experts discuss where to find opportunity in the markets.

Steve Weiss, founder of Short Hills Capital Partners, is bullish on the airlines.

"The airlines are going to be able to price at levels you've never seen before, as that garden hose, you know, stays and expands to a fire hose and people still can't get through it. So you've got a perfect supply-demand situation for the airlines. So that's why I bought."

Jon Najarian, co-founder of, sees more gains ahead for the infrastructure stocks.

"This sector will benefit in such a huge way ... but that bill that passed last week is forcing money into these sectors. It's not forcing it into airlines. Airlines are up because the sector opened up, but these [infrastructure stocks] are getting direct input from the latest stimulus and there may be more depending on how the second infrastructure bill [goes], the $1.75 trillion that still is out there to be passed at some point in the future perhaps."

Mark Smith, portfolio manager at Wells Fargo Advisors, spies opportunity in the bond market.

"With all this money that is going out into the system from the feds, you've got to have taxes go up. And so my clients are asking me where the opportunity is to get tax-free income. It's in the municipal bonds sector. You're going to see with this infrastructure deal that just came out, you're going to have states all over the country partnering with the federal government: 'You're going to give me $1, let's match you $1.' That's going to be great for municipal bondholders because you're going to see more inventory, and I think there's going to be a huge appetite in 2022."

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's "Mad Money," explains why this is an "obvious" market.

"When people first started coming in because of 401(k) and IRA, things were obvious. It would be like, 'Well, infrastructure bill. Jeez. What do we buy?' And then there was this considerable period where you would sell [on days like today] because, well, everyone would have already been in these. No, we come in, there was a catalyst buy on Caterpillar, Nucor has been up day after day after day. ... Obvious wins in this market."


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