Tesla and Alphabet Are Set to Report Earnings — What Wall Street Expects to See

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Big Tech is set to report earnings this week.

Wall Street investors shared their expectations for names like Tesla, Alphabet and Facebook, which kick off a busy week of earnings.

Dan Ives, managing director of Equity Research at Wedbush Securities, breaks down what he sees for Tesla ahead of earnings Monday afternoon.

"For Tesla, the success continues to be not just Model 3, Model Y and others but I think what you're seeing on this is just the technology that continues to come out of Fremont [California] and Giga that's really changing the industry but they have to continue to make sure that they're courting all their customers, even though the masses continue to be focused on Model 3, Y, and of course the drumroll to the Cybertruck. … This is just this next step in the stock going toward $1,000 because ... it's a green tidal wave."

Karen Firestone, chairman and CEO of Aureus Asset Management, is watching for Google parent Alphabet's next move ahead of earnings Tuesday.

"Google has had a pretty nice move. It's up 30% this year. It's really been a fantastic performer. I think there's more to go but it's the type of name that if it doesn't raise guidance, perhaps it'll pause. Just because the stock goes down 1% or 2% after they print the quarter doesn't mean you give up. It just could be that we've anticipated a lot of good news from Google over the past few weeks, and that, you know, maybe the investors have to absorb the new numbers that come out and then it can start to move again."

Kourtney Gibson, president of Loop Capital, is looking for guidance to give insight on the stocks beyond the second quarter.

"I am still heavily invested in the names like Facebook, like the Apples and all the names that I have been in. However, I am cautious and have trimmed some just because of the substantial amount of gains that I've had over time. And if we do get a pullback, I'm going to get back in these names at lower multiples where some of them might get pared back unreasonably after earnings so we'll see kind of what's happened here as we move into earnings, and you know it's less about earnings right now in my opinion and what happened in the first quarter and more about the guidance, whether formal or informal, that we get out of these companies to help us as we look through to the third and fourth quarter of the year."

Katie Stockton, managing director of Fairlead Strategies, breaks down the technical moves ahead.

"We did see last week the loss of short-term momentum broadly behind the likes of these mega-cap tech stocks. And I think that that tells us we could see a pullback to their breakout points, that would apply to both Alphabet and also Microsoft, both of which had nice breakouts. These breakouts do have bullish intermediate-term implications but the short term, there's about 5% to maybe 8% room to 50-day moving averages so that to me is a little bit uncomfortable."


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