No More “Clear” Lanes at U.S. Airports

Company that rushed travelers through airport security goes out of business

Speeding through the airport in the "Clear" lane is no longer an option.

The New York Times reports that Clear, the company that allows air travelers who register to quickly move through security checkpoints at U.S. Airports, has suddenly shut down.

Their Web site says that the parent company, Verified Identity Pass Inc, was not able to reach a deal with its senior creditor and could not continue operation as of Monday night. The company's site also stated that no one would be receiving a refund, sighting their financial troubles.

Clear, which was founded by Steve Brill, was found in 20 airports around the country including Atlanta, Newark, Orlando, and Kennedy airport in New York. In March, Clear reported more than 250,000 air travelers had registered with the speedy service, with some paying as much as $199 to become members.

Verified Identity Pass also states that  member's information is secured in compliance with the TSA, and that the company will secure and appropriately delete the information.

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