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Concerns Over Safety on Miami Beach Following Random Shooting of Young Father

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Miami Beach city officials are sounding the alarm over safety concerns in the area.

“The entertainment district has become unsustainable,” Mayor of Miami Beach Dan Gelber said.

This coming two days following the shooting that took the life of 21 year-old Dustin Wakefield, there was a more visible police presence on Ocean Drive.

Mr. Gelber is calling for the entertainment district to be turned into a mixed-use zone.

“I think the entertainment district has become a place that attracts people who believe anything goes, buy drugs and use guns,” he said.

Some city commissioners like Steven Meiner are calling for an emergency meeting to be held.

“We need a sense of urgency,” Meiner said. “We need to make change. We need to have a high level of police visibility.”

Both tourists and residents say it’s needed.

“We haven’t felt safe in years. It’s getting worse and worse each day,” Maria, a long time resident who lives near the scene, said.

“You see drug dealings. We don’t have enough police presence because the police doesn’t have the support of the mayor, ” Maria said.

Wakefield died standing up to 22-year-old Tamarius Davis.

Davis, who admitted to being high on mushrooms, pointed a gun at Wakefield’s one year old son and his family as they had dinner, before fatally shooting the young father.

Davis faces charges of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder.

A GoFundMe for Dustin has already amassed over $200,000 and back in his hometown in Colorado, the organization Dads of Castle Rock has also raised over $40,000 for the family.

“It’s not gonna bring him back, but it will help,” said Matthew Zien from the Dads of Castle Rock Organization.

There's also been talk of opening up Ocean Drive to vehicular traffic and whether or not that could help reduce crowds and criminal incidents.

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