City Leaders in Hallandale Beach Support Local Restaurants Struggling Amid Coronavirus Concerns

City officials said they were going to use emergency funds to eat locally this week, in order to support restaurants that are struggling amid panic over the outbreak

Many local restaurants in South Florida are quickly losing customers amid panic over the coronavirus outbreak, prompting city leaders in Hallandale Beach to step up their support.

This week, officials from the City of Hallandale Beach said they would place orders from a handful of local restaurants to feed all remaining city employees, such as police officers and sanitation department workers.

City leaders told NBC 6 they would be using $400-$700 of their emergency funds a day on these restaurants:

  • Monday: Ceviche Avenue, 101 Northeast 3rd Street, Hallandale Beach
  • Tuesday: Dunns River Island Cafe, 908 West Hallandale Beach Blvd
  • Wednesday: El Tayta, 1721 East Hallandale Beach Blvd
  • Thursday: Dr Limon Ceviche Bar, 801 North Federal Highway
  • Friday: Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine, 1727 East Hallandale Beach Blvd

The owners of Ceviche Avenue (Monday's menu) say they have done everything possible to sanitize the restaurant, taking every precaution to protect their guests and offer delivery services.

Despite this effort, business have taken a hit. “With the people not coming to the restaurant sales have dropped between 35-40% which is a big impact for a small business like us," said owner Aleyda Rivera.

That's why Hallandale Beach officials said their plan to pay for city employees to eat locally this week is a "win-win." They also said they hope other cities will be inspired to participate in the same way to help small businesses survive the outbreak.

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