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Covid Long-Haulers May Be Protected Under Federal ADA Law

President Biden announced this week people with disabling long-term effects from Covid-19 could be protected under the ADA

NBC Universal, Inc.

Some people recovering from Covid-19 are seeing lingering symptoms past the usual recovery time, which can rise to the level of being a disability.

"If it's four to six weeks and you still have symptoms that are related to Covid like weakness, shortness of breath, issues concentrating, depression, anxiety," Dr. David DeLaZerda, the ICU director at Jackson Memorial Hospital said, "than that means you have to seek help because you're probably developing long-term symptoms of Covid."

While celebrating the 31st year of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 on Monday, President Biden announced that the federal government will review protections for long-haul Covid patients.

In the meantime, the main recommendation from health expert is to get vaccinated and wear a mask in public until the pandemic is over.

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