Lions Nap on Empty Road in South Africa Amid Pandemic

Richard Sowry/Kruger National Park

Deserted streets and shuttered businesses may be an ominous sight for humans, but the animal world doesn’t seem to be complaining. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep countries around the world on lockdown, wild animals - like goats in Wales or baby turtles in Brazil - appear to be enjoying the lack of bustling activity.

In South Africa, lions took advantage of one barren road to take a midafternoon snooze.

In a post from Kruger National Park, the pride of lions can be seen fast asleep on a tar road just outside Orpen Rest Camp, a lodge inside the park. The road is usually busy with tourists.

The lions snagged the opportunity to catch some z’s.

Park ranger Richard Sowry, who was working at the time, snapped some photos of the unusual phenomenon.

Sowry told the BBC he took the photos from his vehicle to avoid startling the animals.

"Lions are used to people in vehicles," he said. "All animals have much more of an instinctive fear of people on foot, so if I had walked up they would never have allowed me to get so close."

Sowry said the photos were meant to bring joy to those who are unable to visit the park due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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