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Viral TikToks Offer Firsthand Accounts of Vaccine Trials, Debunk Misinformation

"People are genuinely having real conversations, and people are asking questions, and I think that’s kind of magic," Kate Bredbenner said

Paper Boat Creative / Getty Images; NBC News

Ashley Locke, 29, got her first injection this month as part of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trial.

Since she started the trial Nov. 16 in Nashville, Tennessee, millions of people have watched as she documented her experience on TikTok.

"I've seen people post TikToks about different journeys they're having, like weight-loss journeys or moving to a new school and things like that, so I was, like, this vaccine trial is an interesting thing. I'll post about that," Locke said. "Maybe some people will find that interesting."

The post has amassed about 2.7 million views, and she has been inundated with questions and comments about the vaccine trial.

An emerging group of TikTokers have gone viral for sharing information about the Covid-19 vaccines. 

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